Veneklasen Associates has a long past of innovation. For over 70 years, we have been known for our willingness to embrace new thinking and commit to innovation within the acoustical testing industry.  Veneklasen owes its successful history to ceaseless innovation by its men and women and the teams on which they work.

Paul S. Veneklasen (1916-1996)

Paul Veneklasen was a notable acoustical physicist who pioneered studies in environmental noise and solutions to industrial noise problems. A native of Grand Haven, Michigan, he earned degrees in mathematics and physics at Northwestern University and UCLA. In 1947, he founded Paul S. Veneklasen and Associates in Santa Monica, California. A prominent consultant to various governmental agencies and private companies on correcting environmental and industrial noise problems, he held patents on several inventions. These inventions enhanced and protected hearing, which included a sound shield for telephone transmitters, earphone sockets, shielded condenser microphones, and a cable system for microphones.

Air Force Communication Noise Study 1958

Veneklasen researchers have had a long history working with the United States government. In 1958, during the height of the Cold War, we performed a number of communication studies that resulted in improved helmet designs for Air Force pilots.

1960 Maxim Sound Suppressor Gap Bet Plan

When the United States Air Force needed comprehensive acoustics and propulsion data, they turned to Veneklasen. After conducting tests of a mechanical jet noise suppressor designed to to strict requirements, our work led to significant noise reductions and minimum in-flight thrust losses.  

Acoustical Instrumentation Tape Recorder 1962

Veneklasen has been one of the leading developers of sound recording and reproduction instrumentation for the acoustical testing industry. In 1962, our laboratory division developed acoustic analog recording instrumentation that became a standard. Our innovative instrumentation could detect minute changes in atmospheric pressure and record them as a graphic representation of the sound waves recorded; quickly eaarning a reputation for developing the highest quality recordings on magnetic tape mediums.

Veneklasen Associates Research Patents

• 2,456,346 for Sound Shield Telephone Transmitters
• 2,408,494 for Earphone Sockets
• 2,423,355 for Earphone Socket Structure
• 2,437,162 for Ear Defender
• 2,922,303 for Acoustic Fabric Testing Instrument
• 2,579,162 for Shielded Condenser Microphone
• 2,716,187 for Shielded Cable System for Microphones
• 3,535,453 for Method for Synthesizing Auditorium Sound
• 3,962,542 for Choralizer Apparatus and Method

Research of Today

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LoVerde, J., Dong, W. (2010). Quantitative Comparisons of Resilient Channel Design and Installation in Single Wood Stud Walls