We are the FOUNDERS of acoustics, noise control, vibration control and sound system design. Founded in 1947, Veneklasen Associates is the oldest and largest acoustical consulting firm in the world. Our knowledge of building science and professional standards are the result of decades of experience in the design of thousands of buildings worldwide. We believe that acoustics is a science and that we are dealing with a quantitative subject wherein results should be predictable and subject to formulation. That said, much of acoustics is also an art requiring experience and skill from which come insight and intuition derived from experience.

Veneklasen Projects by Location

We are resource in our field with decades of field and lab data that guide our recommendations.  Our database has over 50,000 tests.
Our technology research efforts have ranged from reducing aircraft noise during WWII, designing aircraft hush houses after the war, to designing low mass aircraft fuselages in the current environment.
Research is our foundation and passion. We are the only full service acoustical firm in the world with its own NVLAP - Accredited Testing Facility.
We have written over 100 research papers and often receive prestigious invites to present both research papers and professional seminars throughout the world, sharing our knowledge and expertise.
In the past five years, the Paul S. Veneklasen Research Foundation, has provided millions in funding to our peers, students, and educators.
Our building research efforts resulted in numerous innovations still employed to this day:  Floating floors, acoustical seals for doors, low frequency sound attenuators, vibration isolators for mechanical equipment.