The Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory (WEAL) is highly recognized as an official acoustical standards laboratory. Throughout the years, WEAL has aided the development of acoustical measuring equipment, providing contract research and development to both engineers and clients. WEAL has pioneered the development of design application for industrial noise control, transportation impact, jet aircraft noise, sound isolation in buildings, machinery noise and vibration control, and much more. With its unique history of providing innovative solutions to complex situations, especially in cases for which standards do not exist, the laboratory continues to provide our talented acousticians with a wide range of services and research opportunities that are applicable to many diverse industries. Ultimately, WEAL has emerged to offer predictable performance, mastery through measurement, and satisfaction through service.

WEAL is accredited by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).

• Loudspeaker Frequency Response
• Sound Power Tests
• Loudspeaker Directivity

• Sound Intensity Tests
• Microphone response and Directivity

• Product Sound Quality
• Psycho-Acoustics


Anechoic chambers are echo-free above the cutoff frequency and permit accurate acoustical measurements without the constraint of sound reflections from walls and ceiling surfaces. Most large anechoic chambers are privately held or operated by governmental agencies and are not available for commercial use. The WEAL anechoic chamber is a multi-million dollar facility available to the public for research and development projects. The chamber may be rented to clients to perform individual tests with your own individual equipment, or we can provide the test equipment with a skilled technician to assist you.


Unlike an anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber does not contain any absorbers. Our chamber consists of a shielded room, a stirrer, a receiving antennae and a transmitting antenna. Here at WEAL, the reverberation chamber’s aim is to create standing waves that are used to generate the high field strengths and like the anechoic chamber, the room may be rented to clients upon request.

• Range 100Hz to 5000 Hz
• 19.5 ft. x 19 ft. x 15 ft. height clear
• Access for Large Specimens
• Opening to Anechoic Chamber


The transmission loss suite is highly a versatile room that is used to measure sound isolation of panel systems. The sound intensity method used within the facility, is used to determine the contribution of each segmented panel to the overall sound reduction. Comprised of a reverberation room and an adjacent anechoic room, the transmission loss suite is available for lease.

• Range 80 Hz to 5000 Hz
• 203 Cubic Meter (7,185 Cubic Feet) Source Room, and 148 Cubic Meter (5,226 cubic feet) Receiving Room
• Facility for Large Specimens


• ASTM C 423 Reverberant Room Sound Absorption Measurements
• ISO 354 Measurement of Sound Absorption in Reverberation Room
• Type A and E-400 Specimen Mountings; Other Mountings Accommodated upon Request
• Accredited by National Voluntary Accreditation Program NVLAP Lab Code 100256-0