70th Anniversary of Veneklasen Associates

Mastering and innovating the art of acoustics for 70 years.

January 17, 2018

Since 1947, Veneklasen Associates has served as the leading consulting firm within the acoustical testing industry. We continue to trail blaze through innovation and high standards. Extensive research and testing has allowed us to prosper with knowledge and perfect the art of acoustical science.

Our team consists of men and women who have established a valuable resource in the industry with decades of field and lab data.

Research is our foundation and passion. We are the only full service acoustical firm in the world with its own NVLAP - Accredited Testing Facility. We carry the vision and legacy of notable acoustical physicist, Paul Veneklasen, who has pioneered studies in environmental noise and solutions to industrial noise challenges into a bright future. He was a true genius of his craft and perfectionist with the hunger to advance the science of acoustics. We take great honor in embodying the original values Veneklasen Associates has been built on - as we continue to innovate and advance our industry with over 70 years of experience.